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And there are a few supporting strategies that go with this. He is very much supportive of all my healthy lifestyle practices but is there, more than anything, to make sure that no serious conditions develop. To be sure, the one universal constant is that you reap what you sow. The bottom line, and I say often in my book, you are free to choose to eat whatever you want, but you are not free to avoid the consequences of those choices.


The Standard American Diet has many consequences that are extremely negative. The primary driving force behind the insane cost of medical care is the disease brought on by unhealthy food choices. At the same time, the key to addressing the health care crisis is for people to eat a diet that is truly healthy and self healing, as nature intended.

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For almost 33 years now I've been studying, researching, learning, and living nutrition. It started with a term paper in college and has continued ever since. In this document are links to the book that I've written on the subject titled " Radiant Health and a Kinder Gentler World".

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Health is, essentially, a continuum. Everything we do, and especially the food we eat, will either move us in the direction of health and fitness or move us in the direction of sickness and disease. Many lifestyle habits—smoking and drinking come to mind—are seriously counter productive. Other habits like drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice and exercise, are health supporting.

Mindful Eating: 8 Ways to Eat More Intuitively

Of dietary choices, the following illustration makes the point abundantly clear. Such is the reality of the health continuum. Below are the links to my book. Breathe deep. And let those of lower vibrations go from your life. They did you the biggest favour Look for it You just have to see it Embrace the dark times The gifts are on the other side Stay true to yourself The lessons are priceless Have you got Health Goals or any goals really that you are trying to achieve, but just can't seem to get there??

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Set the alarm clock people tomorrow is the day Tip: How to get two early risers to start sleeping in longer?? Got my 5k run done this morn uninterrupted, before they even twitched. Something that I feel so strongly about, too much fear gets shed on labour so many awful stories shared and that has such a huge impact on how our body births our babies, more than we realise, consciously and unconsciously.

Two out of three of my births were super awesome because of the education and tools I was given after my first experience, some of the most amazing experiences in my life and in water also just topped it. Even if things go off track, being mentally prepared with hypnobirthing techniques and extra knowledge can still help hugely. Calm mumma, calm bubba. I truly would do it all over again just for the experience and I will help my daughter as much as I can to create the same mindset and experience.

It was life changing for me. The more women are able to see what normal and gentle birth looks like the more they will stop fearing this experience and start visualising their own birth to We must expose ourselves to empowering birth stories and and surround ourselves by those that believe in our ability so that we can start to trust our innate instinct to birth as nature intended.

I fought hard for this birth.

5 Easy Tips to Think Yourself Fit, Healthy and Radiant

I usually go at 37 weeks. My babies are small. My labors are precipitous. I have no time to process or embrace much.. I demanded what I wanted. I trusted. I talked openly about my fears. My anxiety. My hurts.

My pain. Fifth baby, fourth child 3 and under There is nothing like sacred humans. The kinds that refuse to take away your power. Not once did my midwife EVER check me or steer me away from instinct.

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What is the number one thing that needs to be sorted in order to reach health and wellness goals, no matter what they are? This recipe book looks like a little beauty, even though my kids are homeschooling they are getting into cooking lots and like trying new healthy little treats. Like food I am very conscious about what products I use on my skin including what I use for cleaning, washing etc.

Did you know that what we put on our skin gets into our blood stream and can effect the gut the same way as food. And what we use on our skin can also react with the foods that we eat which can cause inflammation. It can make it very confusing for consumers. But Money talks. We were born out of a need to detox.