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I have come to really enjoy hearing such a range of opinions and observations about everything we read. I do still feel frustrated sometimes by the scattershot nature of the discussion.

Enid Blyton

We just have to give each other room, and bring things up again if we are still puzzling over them. I often write the books up here, too, which gives me a chance to put my own thoughts in better order. I also managed to read two Spenser novels this weekend.

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They go so fast! Parker died.

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I have always thought his formula supports a lot of really interesting and subversive ideas, though. One of these days …. The overacting! The gratuitous blood-splattering torture scenes with drill bits! The astonishingly cynical perspective on politics and politicians! I miss Josh and Toby! Things may be picking up on the bookish front. In the meantime, it feels good to clear away all these miscellaneous pieces that have been cluttering up my head.

I will just say, then, that I read the book with absolutely rapt attention and, eventually, helpless tears, but that nonetheless I ended up feeling extremely frustrated, not so much with the novel itself but with Atkinson as a novelist, which may, I suppose, be a distinction without a difference. And as always, if you have suggestions, let me know. Should I give it a try? I thought it was ludicrous! What a relief! Branagh is superb, as well: the show is as much maybe more a character study as a crime drama, and without his charisma it would be too dreary to bear, but he pulls it off.

Alex in Leeds has started on a new relationship. It has taken me a while, but I am beginning to think of Trollope as a great satirist, mild compared to Jonathan Swift or Evelyn Waugh, but at times as fierce as his mentor William Thackeray. Or Jane Austen, another writer with fangs and claws who is most frequently read for comfort, available by means of ignoring substantial portions of her writing.

In this brilliant portrait of uneasy motherhood, Sittenfeld never lets us forget that anxiety and vigilance go hand in hand, and that each magnifies and reinforces the other, a cultural curse on those who are responsible for the young. I would love to hear from you! In some ways this is very exciting like our world, we are large and contain multitudes!

We do a lot of both kinds of things in my department now, but the program the requirements for the major, for instance has for a long time been organized around the coverage model ideas of what to cover have, of course, changed and expanded a great deal in recent decades. As usual, the bloggers I follow have been putting up all kinds of good posts recently. At stevereads , the annual Best and Worst of the year extravaganza is in full flood. The range is extraordinary, the judgments vigorously pronounced, and the curmudgeonly digressions about the state of the book world today just add to the fun.

Nobody I know or have ever known reads more, or more passionately, than Steve. At Wuthering Expectations , Tom is reading Turgenev:. So he killed him off, by disease. Discerning critics have found this end unsatisfying in that it is arbitrary, too easy. In a sense, yes. The funny thing is that there is hardly a sentence in it that I would pull out as particularly good.

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The quality is a question of urgency, of small movement, of the right amount of attention given to a scene before a quick cut to the next. And of course the stakes are high. He finds his own way into every book he reads. MDS classes with significant recommendations overlap, excluding ones under the same top-level class. Melvil Dewey invented his Dewey Decimal System in , and early versions of his system are in the public domain.

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