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Hiroshima pauses to remember atomic bombing 74 years after attack. Can anything be done to reduce it further? Is there a chance for an atomic future that is brighter than the one Oppenheimer foresaw? Two new books by three atomic insiders hold out hope. The authors shatter myths, throw light on the hidden dynamics of nuclear proliferation and suggest new ways to reduce the threat. Both document national paths to acquiring nuclear weapons that have been rocky and dependent on the willingness of spies and politicians to divulge state secrets.

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Thomas C. Reed, a veteran of the Livermore weapons laboratory in California and a former secretary of the Air Force, and Danny B. Among other things, the book details how secretive aid from France and China helped spawn five more nuclear states. It also names many ostensibly conflicted scientists, including luminaries like Isidor I.

Secret cooperation extended to the secluded sites where nations tested their handiwork in thundering blasts. The book says, for instance, that China opened its sprawling desert test site to Pakistan, letting its client test a first bomb there on May 26, That alone rewrites atomic history. It casts new light on the reign of Benazir Bhutto as prime minister of Pakistan and helps explain how the country was able to respond so quickly in May when India conducted five nuclear tests.

Hiroshima pauses to remember atomic bombing 74 years after attack

The authors build their narrative on deep knowledge of the arms and intelligence worlds, including those abroad. Stillman has toured heavily guarded nuclear sites in China and Russia, and both men have developed close ties with foreign peers. In their acknowledgments, they thank American cold warriors like Edward Teller as well as two former C. Robert S. The book is technical in places, as when detailing the exotica of nuclear arms.

But it reads like a labor of love built on two lifetimes of scientific adventure. It is due out in January from Zenith Press.

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Its wide perspective reveals how states quietly shared complex machinery and secrets with one another. All paths stem from the United States, directly or indirectly. One began with Russian spies that deeply penetrated the Manhattan Project.

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Stalin was so enamored of the intelligence haul, Mr. Reed and Mr. Stillman note, that his first atom bomb was an exact replica of the weapon the United States had dropped on Nagasaki. The book says that Klaus Fuchs, a Soviet spy in the Manhattan Project who was eventually caught and, in , released from jail, did likewise.

A half-decade later, China surprised the world with its first blast. The book, in a main disclosure, discusses how China in made a policy decision to flood the developing world with atomic know-how. The Banff Sunshine ski resort has had a lift with heated, four-passenger chairs since Remember that in the s, manufacturers introduced padded chairlifts into the skiing market.

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