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  • Caring for this breed is extremely easy considering their docile nature.
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Collect a sample. The procedure to collect the sample from you cat is simple. The genetic test kit contains two brushes. Place one brush in the cat's cheek and swirl it around for five seconds.

Russian Blues

Remove the brush from the mouth and hold it in the air to dry for 15 seconds. Next, replace it in the packaging. Repeat with the second brush on the opposite cheek. This should be done away from eating or drinking, so make sure the cat hasn't eaten for at least 15 minutes before taking the test. Once the lab has received the sample, which is usually via the mail, an average time to get the results is four to five days, either by email or letter.

A true fawn color, without any tabby markings, is very rare. Also, lavender or lilac a gray with a true blue tinge is extremely uncommon. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful The official breed standard only accepts shades of green. Yellow eyes are discouraged, and therefore, breeders tend to avoid breeding from cats that err towards amber or yellow. Not Helpful 4 Helpful The ideal eye color is green, with brighter shades such as emerald favored. If my Russian blue is pregnant, and the father is a black and white moggy, what are the odds of the kittens being Russian blues?

Zero percent. You will have a litter of mixed breed kittens. Some may have the Russian blue coloring, but their genes will be mixed and therefore they won't be Russian blues. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Does she have any other symptoms? Consult your vet if you're worried, but she may just be an especially vocal cat. Adult Russian Blues will not have blue eyes. If your cat does, then it might be mixed with another breed of cat. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9. When Russian Blues are kittens, their eyes begin to mature to a yellow before a green.

At four months, you will begin to see rings of green around their eyes. This will continue until it is a solid green. Your Russian Blue is either a kitten or young cat, or not a Russian Blue, though it may be a cross between two cats. Not Helpful 18 Helpful Yes, they adapt with their furry friends and home very well. At the beginning there could be a fight where they will try to assert dominance.

Do not interfere with them if they are fighting as they are most likely just playing.

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  4. If you have reptiles or amphibians, try introducing them at a later date. You do not want to overwhelm your new cat. Not Helpful 8 Helpful With the results, you will likely get an option to receive papers. If it's online, there will probably be a link to a file with official papers. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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    BA Brandi Andrews Nov 23, We found her and mom and 4 siblings in our back yard. Mom took them away fox around. My Mr. Blue is the only one that came back. He continues to make me laugh daily, he's a clown. CK Casey K. Jun 30, I recently saved two abandoned kittens, and I am curious to know what breed they are.

    I am going to take the advice given and get my kittens DNA tested so I can determine their genetic background. A Anonymous Nov 10, I know I am fortunate to be a proud "parent"! OL Oliver Larsen Jun 7, I was very interested in the paw color, it explains a lot.

    A Anonymous Jun 10, Keep up the good work. A Anonymous Oct 5, I think I have a Russian Blue, he has everything you've said. A Anonymous Apr 27, Well thought out. LS Lucinda Spilling Oct 5, The different temperaments of the Insta-famous cats reflect on their modeling as well. While Xafi is a little camera shy, Auri enjoys the attention and has mastered some impressive poses.

    Capturing photos of the two together is very challenging. We use treats and toys to try and get them to pose and look into the camera. In the summer of , a Somali cat Errol joined a family all the way from Germany. And although Anneken and Tim debated whether getting a new fluffball was a good idea, he brought a new vibe to the household and fits perfectly in its dynamics.

    The Russian Blue - Radiant and Regal - The Purrington Post

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