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Then there is the knowledge that if. This magnificent country is one of the most photogenic countries in the world and has scenery so beautiful it hurts. The South Island is the grander relation for sure and the incredible views here defy belief at times - each corner you turn is a better photo shot than the last. To find out more visit www.

No specific jabs are required. The water is safe to drink, so fill your reusable bottles and enjoy. Daily flights operate between London Heathrow and Christchurch with a number of airlines, including Etihad Airways etihad. All the usual companies can be found at the airports. The Paparoa Track is 55km one way, not including the optional detour down the Pike29 Memorial Track, which adds a day or can be done separately from a car park at the Interpretation Centre.

The trail will officially open on 19 April and there are plans to offer a shuttle service from Blackball to the start of the track and from Punakaiki the end back to the start, so you can collect your car. Tickets and registration will be required to walk the Paparoa Track; these can be booked online at greatwalks.

Kiwi Elusive, nocturnal and rare, these fluffy ground-dwelling birds are by no means easy to spot, but by staying in one of the huts, you are likely to hear their distinct shrill cry when night falls. Blue duck Another rare bird. Keep your eyes peeled for this waterfowl if headed to Garden Gully, as a pair is often spotted fishing in the water where the creek forks.

Fantail Curious and bold, these little blackand-white birds are known to follow hikers as their boots disturb insects on. Westland petrel Once you reach the coast, keep your eyes peeled for this large black sea bird pictured , which only breeds high in the foothills of Punakaiki. Flocks in their hundreds appear between March and November. At the start of the trail, the recommended stay is at Formerly The Blackball Hilton blackballhilton. Both sleep 20 and have bunks, mattresses, heating, gas hobs, toilets and water no showers.

Pick up any supplies pre-walk at Greymouth. The West Coast is famous for whitebait — small freshwater fish that can be found as patties and even on pizzas. However, our guide will have you gliding like a pro in no time…. Stand-up paddleboarding is easier than you think, open to nearly any age group. Learn on calm waters and a wide, thick board, which will offer better stability. After an afternoon on the water, you should already be feeling pretty comfortable. Trust Explorer Licence, which allows 30 However, however, much river access is days of access per year — a good option if you linked to the right of navigation, so anywhere just want a taster.

Pesda Press publishes a series everywhere, respect other users of the of specialist paddling guides for the water. Other general wild UK, which highlight river access adventure rules apply, like points, hazards and other Even though you probably leaving your campsite how route planning information. There are also lots of great leash. Next: packing. Many paddleboards are Wearing a buoyancy aid is useful, for both fitted with elasticated ropes to secure your personal safety and for storing more kit.

Outside the capital, the River an emergency bag as well, with items such Great Ouse in Bedfordshire and the River as a torch and spare batteries, fire-lighting Nene in neighbouring Northamptonshire equipment and a first-aid kit. Further afield, the rugged coastline of west Wales is a great option for open-water adventures. Feel inspired to hit the water?

Discover our suggestions for great watery trips online at wanderlust.

39 Essential Tips For Staying Healthy And Happy While Travelling

Why did you try a paddleboarding trip? I thought a leafy river stretch in Bedfordshire would be a great place to embark on a watery microadventure. How easy was it to pick up? It was surprisingly simple. Transitioning from kneeling down and getting used to manoeuvring about to standing up and gently making my way downriver only took a matter of minutes. Did you have any guidance at all before you started? How did you find it?

I loved it. I was worried that I would spend the whole evening thinking too much about falling off or keeping myself steady. I was by no means perfect, but I felt comfortable enough to take in my surroundings and chat to my fellow paddleboarding newbies along the way. Any other advice? Patience is key. Spending quality time enjoying a new skill is invaluable. Belize has something for every modern-day explorer; the compact country not only boasts the world's second-largest reef but also magical Mayan ruins, a melting pot of cultures, diverse cuisine, exceptional wildlife, and strong environmental credentials.

Join us over a glass of wine and some typical snacks to learn more about beautiful Belize. Rakiura Track This 32km looping hike on Stewart Island gently meanders through lush forest, rocky bays and sweeping sands. Spy a number of birds that speckle the route, including tui, kaka and dotterels. Abel Tasman Coast Track Undoubtedly the best way to experience the Abel Tasman National Park, this trail 60km one way winds bushlands, golden beaches and snorkelworthy waters. When skirting its bays, keep your eyes peeled for sightings of fur seals, common dolphins and little blue penguins.

In short, it really does live up to its impressive moniker. US National Trails So, why are we talking trails? Sounds like a man after our own heart. While the National Trails System act was established in , it was an impassioned speech President Johnson gave to Congress in that got the wheels in motion.

There, he first shared his dream for paths linking the already protected national parks. Three years later, his dream was realised. Now, 1, trails with a combined length of over 80,km exist across the USA. Where do we start? Where it all began. Along with the historic act, two inaugural national trails were spawned: the Appalachian Trail and the.

Pacific Crest Trail. How else can we mark the occasion? The National Parks Service website www. Also head to trails Need a relaxing break from the thrum of London life? Want to conquer the frigid peaks of Kilimanjaro without collapsing? Our experts can help For a complete change from the big city, head further along the Suffolk coast to Dunwich. Do you have any tips? Graham Vaughan, via email Altitude sickness, or acute mountain sickness AMS , occurs because your body is unable to take in sufficient oxygen at high altitudes. As a result, you start to feel ill. There are seven golden rules for ascending Kilimanjaro safely and successfully.

Walking slowly is the first. Take as long as. Head to Kampot for fruit and pepper plantations, and the seaside resort province of Kep for breathtaking beaches in an area that is regaining popularity after the Khmer Rouge period. Whilst its cuisine is similar to neighbouring South East Asian countries, all dishes are unique. Try the local rice noodle soup, fresh salad dishes, a fish curry or even deep-fried spider — a local delicacy!

Drink plenty and aim for at least three litres of water a day and also eat well. Consider taking Diamox as well. Finally, choose your tour company carefully. My book reviews the trekking agencies. Stewart Fraser, via email Ireland has great options for bikepacking newbies. Your choice of routes will depend on how far you want to go, how you will get to and from the route, and what you want to see. One of my favourite circular routes is to start at Sligo, on the north-west coast, and then follow the coastline west and south to Achill Island.

Sligo has wide, open beaches, while Achill has stunning mountain and cliff scenery. Then you can head back inland to Sligo via the lakes around Foxford and the slopes of the Ox Mountains. Connemara to Galway city km in total, nine or ten days.

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Email fromtheroad wanderlust. Is it possible to take striking scenic shots in the harsh midday light? Yes, says Mark Bauer, if you know a few simple tricks. The received wisdom is that the middle of the day, with its harsh light, strong contrast and hazy atmosphere, gives poor results.

You may be travelling with others and tied to their itinerary, you may be on a brief stopover in your location or you may just not have the energy to get up at some ridiculous time in the morning. For example, for this shot of Dubrovnik, taken from the city walls, I waited for clouds to drift in to the right position to add some interest in the sky and also partially cover the sun, so that the light was diffused and less harsh.

Look for bold, simple subjects with strong shapes and lines. Simpler, less-busy graphic compositions will work much better in harsh light with strong shadows than scenes that rely on a lot of detail. Bold colours can also add impact, especially reds, oranges and yellows, which can contrast effectively with a deep-blue sky. At midday there can be a lot of glare and reflection. These reduce contrast and colour saturation. Polarising filters block polarised light, reducing this glare and restoring natural colour.

They are easy to use — simply rotate the filter until you see the effect you want in the viewfinder. Neutral-density filters are dark filters that reduce the amount of light coming through the lens and therefore allow you to artificially extend shutter speeds for creative effect — anything moving in the scene during the exposure will blur. This is a useful technique when shooting near water, which can be recorded as an ethereal mist, adding atmosphere to the shot.

This is a highly effective way of dealing with harsh light — scenes that appear too contrasty in colour can look quite dramatic in monochrome. Most cameras have a mono setting or you can convert colour images in post-production. Look for scenes that contain a full range of tones, from deep shadows to bright highlights. In harsh light, picking out smaller details — especially based on lines, angles and strong shapes — and abstracting them, can produce more dynamic compositions.

A little cloud cover — even a small amount — can help to diffuse harsh light and reduce excessive contrast. On blustery days there is always the possibility of spotlighting falling on key parts of a scene as the clouds are blown around, covering and then revealing the sun. With a little patience, you can get dramatic results. Wearing a mask may help prevent a sore throat in polluted cities; below brushing your teeth in tap water, however, is unlikely to harm you.

Received wisdom can be a dangerous thing, especially when travelling. However, thiamine aka vitamin B1 does reduce itching caused by bites. This strategy is okay if visiting midge-heavy Scotland or Scandinavia, for example, but it is unwise if heading for the tropics or even the Americas. Sexist old-school explorers used to claim that the best way to avoid bites in the tropics was to bring along a woman. There is evidence that, given the choice, mosquitoes are attracted to female humans, especially pregnant women.

They also home in on CO2 and are likely drawn to talkative people as they emit more of this gas.

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It is fascinating to watch mosquitoes hunting. Somehow they are aware that keeping in the shadows is safer than being out in the open. Airlines discourage flying with active infectious disease but checks are few and chickenpox and colds are often caught during air travel. A mask will protect you from infection and air pollution. A few drops of washing-up water on your plate could make you desperately ill. Lots of travellers worry about the water that gets into their mouths, but when assessing the risk, it is worth remembering that most harmful microbes need to invade the body in their thousands, if not millions, to make themselves felt.

Swallowing the odd drop of. Firstly, foreign tap water is unlikely to be badly polluted otherwise the locals would have been wiped out ; and secondly, water that appears clean is unlikely to be wriggling with pathogens. The risk is all about the amount of contamination. That said, these bacteria are unlikely to contaminate. Carrying your own cup and cutlery can protect you. Properly and frequently applied insect repellents keep off most blood-lusting small creatures, including leeches and ticks despite the fact that they are not insects.

A post-travel check-up is worth doing. Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth lives in Nepal; www. When trying a wheelie bag on a smooth shop floor, remember that you may want to use it on rougher ground or cobbles — will it be tough enough for that, too? Cases on wheels are specifically designed to make your travels easier — but only if you choose the right one. There are two main options: soft-sided and hardsided luggage.

Soft-sided bags have more give, so are good if you intend to cram them to full capacity or a bit over. Check that there is a waterproof lining on the inside, to keep things dry. Also, bear in mind that even very durable fabrics can rip — though they are often easy to repair with duct tape or similar. Hard-sided cases are usually strong and made to withstand hard impact. The average hold-luggage limit on long-haul economy flights is 23kg, so the weight of the case itself is key — every kilo the bag weighs unpacked is one less you have for your kit.

Telescopic handles are the most common type — they fold away when not in use. However, this means that the handle system takes up some bag capacity, so a bigger system means less packing space. Single-pole handles tend to be more sturdy; double-pole handles offer better balance. Some cases are divided into multiple compartments, which is handy for staying organised but will add weight. Vented sections are particularly useful for separating clean and dirty clothes. Look for compression straps, which help to pack things in.

Usually found on the outside of soft-sided cases, pockets offer extra space, though they are not suitable for valuables as they are not lockable. Some models will come with extra features, such as a built-in combo lock that secures zips to the case, or a tracking device. These can be welcome but will increase the weight of the luggage and possibly the cost, so consider whether you really need them. In the past, wheeled luggage typically had two wheels, but now many bags have four. Note: all those on test here are the four-wheeled variety.

SanDisk has a range of portable flash storage products so you can keep clicking and never run out space. Available from Amazon, Argos and Dixons. The test: This has a L capacity and is made from light, tough plastic yet is still the joint heaviest here at 4. It has two grab handles, a double telescopic handle and lockable zip but no external pockets. Inside are two compartments with straps, plus a zip pocket and mesh pouch. An expander zip allows for more capacity. Comes with a limited three-year warranty.

The verdict: A sturdy value option. It has three grab handles and a tough double telescopic handle. The single wheels also have good tread. Inside, the main space has straps and a zipped section on the top. Comes with a lifetime guarantee. The verdict: Nifty; a bit heavy for its size.

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The test: Second lightest 3kg , this soft-sided, durable nylon bag has a It has two padded grab handles and a double telescopic handle. Wheels are single but move smoothly. The main compartment and zipped, padded pocket are lockable. Comes with a three-year limited warranty. The verdict: A good soft-sided option. We asked gear manufacturers to submit hold bags with four wheels. From the selection we were sent, our editor-at-large, Phoebe Smith, took them out on the road to see which performed best. The test: Largest L but not heaviest 3.

Inside are two compartments: the bottom one has compression straps and a zipped pocket; the top has no straps but features a zipped fabric compartment divider. Comes with a limited ten-year warranty. The verdict: Massive! The test: This 4. There are many outer pockets as well as two grab handles and a belt for attaching items.

The wheels are doubles. Inside, the main space has straps and there are two zipped pockets — one mesh. The verdict: Loads of good features. The test: Lightweight 2. There are two grab handles and a single tube handle that slides into the mould. Wheels are single. There are no external pockets. Inside is a large space with straps and a zip pocket plus a fabric zipped section. The verdict: Delightfully light and simple. Now Brittany Tourism and Brittany Ferries are offering you and a friend the chance to win a short break to this wild land packed with weathered views, antiquity and a splash of Celtic mysticism.

Brittany may just be a small leap across the English Channel, but with a roll call of epic coastlines, medieval towns and emerald forests,. Many of those who visit make a beeline for its rugged fringes. Jutting out on. A wander along its 12th-century ramparts is a pure joy for its views of the islands and forts that speckle the harbour. Inland, Dinan is another medieval marvel. The prize includes return crossings with Brittany Ferries, a tour of Saint-Malo, a stand-up paddleboard yoga session and a gastronomic sailing trip.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question:. The closing date is 5 September On a good day, you can see as far as Mont Saint-Michel. Shellfish have been cultivated for centuries here, and Cancale is great place to indulge your palate. For a deeper understanding of this local delicacy,. And to the north, the gorse-studded Pointe du Grouin offers fine views of isle-speckled seas and the whitewashed Herpin lighthouse. Brittany has it all, a microcosm of ancient history, rough-and-ready vistas and a culture that really is unlike any other.

Vive la Bretagne! As we reached the location where the jaguars had been seen, we heard the alarm calls of jays announcing their presence. The minutes ticked by. Mario turned the engine off and we scanned the pasture in silence, our senses alert. In unison we spotted a powerfully built male jaguar with a huge round head.

It sat in the grass, relaxed, before loping across towards the trees and disappearing. It was only then, as we turned to leave, that we realised a female jaguar was in the field too. Entering the woods, she made her way along the other side of the wire fence that bordered it, staying often in sight. She then came back out into the field, looking back all the time for the male, and rolled in the grass in a provocative manner.

It worked, as he reappeared and settled down to watch her.

As twilight fell, she walked past us another time, just five metres from where we sat. The male was clearly fixated with her but kept his distance. Eventually they both headed off across the field together. By now it was pitch black and fireflies danced in the meadow. Switching the headlights on, we slowly followed the pair, keeping a respectful distance. Jessica revealed that the female was known as Juju and was two years and three months old. But the male we do not recognise.

Mario slammed on the brakes. Another jaguar had started to run across the road but stopped, and instead ran alongside the treeline parallel to us. Searching with Jessica and Mario for the pair of jaguar; left capybaras hang out in social family groups. The female strolled confidently into the complex, sitting for a while outside one building just as a domestic cat would.

She then sauntered past reception, where there were people inside and the door was mostly pulled shut. She moved away from the buildings and the male approached her. They were absorbed in each other and oblivious to our lights as they mated right there, in the open, in the beam of our car headlights. The four-hour car journey from state capital Campo Grande had been enlivened by spotting rheas and flat fields full of grazing Brahman, the off-white Asian cattle that thrive in the harshest parts of South America. At one point the driver pulled up, gesturing excitedly.

At the small town of Miranda we turned off the highway and started down an unmade road, the earth now a distinctive orange-red colour. We pulled up and I slowly and quietly approached the wire fence. The anteater was huge; the size of a large golden retriever. It was oblivious to me as its long thin snout sought out some of the 30, ants or termites it eats a day. Driving on, we entered the Caiman Estancia, a working ranch that is also home to the Caiman Ecological Refuge. Owned by rancher, conservationist and businessman Roberto Klabin, it combines ecotourism and conservation alongside traditional cattle farming.

We passed more fields before they gave way to a mosaic of habitats. Rainy season was over but water still sat on the open areas of grassland, filled with birdlife and snoozing caimans. As our accommodation at Baiazinha Lodge came into sight, stilts raising it high above the water, I wondered whether I had stumbled on some magical animal kingdom. It can be more common to see anteaters and other animals in the daytime when it is cool.

But I was itching to get straight out and see even more. Even here in the Pantanal, some farmers will kill jaguars to protect their livestock. You have to show them numbers, so they can understand how the jaguars are not killing as many cattle as they think, and how much having the animals on their land can benefit them. Jaguar numbers are hard to estimate, given how secretive they are. I spent two years travelling to see wildlife and what was saving animals. I came to Caiman with a ranger friend from South Africa.

We said to Roberto that people like the place, the food, the birds. But what they want to see is jaguars. We need to make them viewable by people. Visitors are also interested in the local Pantanal culture — it gives the place its identity. The jaguar is the. Another long-running and highly successful wildlife project on the ranch focuses on the largest species of parrot in the world, the hyacinth macaw. It is endangered thanks to habitat loss and hunting, but the Pantanal is still a stronghold because of the efforts of Projeto Arara Azul Hyacinth Macaw Project , founded by Neiva Guedes in the early s.

They were all angry at us being there, each demonstrating their profound displeasure through a different indignant call. A metallic band was around the tree to try and prevent predators, such as ocelots or opossums, from climbing it to reach the hyacinth nest. Two of the team had on climbing equipment, and one went up the ropes to monitor the nesting box. They took photos and reported that there were no eggs yet, but that there were signs that the macaws. Juju decides which way to go; left a researcher checks a hyacinth macaw nest hollowed out in a tree; hyacinth macaws are one of the largest and rarest animals in the world.

They will usually only nest in manduvi trees, as they have a big enough trunk and are soft enough to hollow out a nest. We spent the morning being squawked at by irritated macaws as we visited tree after tree, some with cameras set within or above them. We watched footage from one of the nests and could see a pair of macaws being loving to each other. The birds are monogamous and mate for life, living 40 to 45 years in the wild.

They really are partners. If having an insight into these projects was enhancing my visit, every excursion was throwing up its own rewards. On one night drive we spotted three handsome ocelots hanging around under a bridge, lying in wait to catch fish. And sitting in an open vehicle at night with. The sun was shining and it promised to be a glorious sunset. But then the radio crackled into life. Do you want to go and see her? A familiar head was peeping above some golden grass.

Her senses were alert and her ears twitched as she looked around, yet she seemed entirely oblivious to our presence. The minutes ticked away. And so I agonised what to do. As cameras clicked,and the atmosphere between those of us watching her became so charged that it felt tangible, Juju coolly sashayed through the grass. Or was she simply enjoying the attention, the admiration, the adulation? She passed within a few metres of us, reached the red-earth road and paused. Wanderlust September Insect repellent is advised, especially outside of dry season.

The Pantanal is cattle-ranching country, so expect a lot of beef. Lodges such as Caiman also offer plenty of variety with fish catfish , beans, veg, fruit and vegetarian dishes. Pantanal Wildlife Bradt, oncafari. Capable swimmers, they are sometimes spotted in the water, and will happily use roads to get around. However, they are mostly shy and nocturnal, so a sighting is to be celebrated. Jabiru stork The tallest flying bird in South America, the jabiru can reach 1.

Commonly found near water, they are rather ungainly on the ground but magnificent in flight pictured. Caiman These relatively small crocodilians are found in large congregations around water. They are a popular food for other creatures of the Pantanal, including the jaguar. It hangs out in large family groups and is easily spotted near water, grazing on grasses and aquatic plants. In hot weather they may also be found wallowing in water or mud holes. The largest specimens are found in the Pantanal.

Cost of travel Giant anteater Lodges offer packages that usually The size of a large dog, the giant include food, accommodation, transport anteater is an astonishing-looking critter, and activities. Brazil tends to be animals with its fearsome claws. A good time for spotting chicks and jaguar cubs. LATAM latam. British Airways ba. Independent travel in the Pantanal is difficult. Roads are unsurfaced and most land is private. Transfers are usually arranged by tour companies or lodges. The author travelled to Brazil with Audley Travel , audleytravel.

Find the real Brazil Let Sunvil introduce you to the fth largest country in the world: a cultural melting pot of music, food and architecture, and a land where nature still dominates and thrives. From mountains, deserts and plains to the vast wilderness of the Amazon and the Pantanal, home to some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, there is much to discover, enjoy and thrill. They really can add depth to your adventures, whether out on safari spotting lions that would otherwise be spooked if you came any closer, or glimpsing cliff-hugging puffins along an English coastline.

When it comes to the design of their binoculars, Swarovski Optik always has travel at the front of their minds.

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Ever since their first factory opened in the alpine valleys of the Austrian Tyrol in , innovative design has been key. Swarovski Optik has been based in the location ever since, and not much has changed in their desire to implement revolutionary tech in their optics, either. With crystal-clear viewing packed into such a tiny, easy-to-carry device, your travels will well and truly be brought into focus with a pair of Swarovski Optik binoculars.

Who founded the Q: Swarovski Optik company? But just try telling them that. But whether spying hundreds of Magellanic penguins on the shores of Punta Tombo in Argentinian Patagonia Oct—Mar for breeding or fending off curious gentoos at Antarctic base Port Lockroy, seeing these birds makes for an unforgettable experience. Many parks have viewing hides and platforms, or drives where you can stop by the roadside just look for any gathering of vehicles and catch one ambling along. Both will leave you speechless.

The same goes for Chitwan NP in Nepal, where walking safaris are permitted and poaching has been all but eliminated in recent years. Every twig crackle sends you into a minor frenzy as the jeep driver quizzes rangers and studies pugmarks to get the inside track. Only then do you remember to breathe. A number of national parks in India and Nepal offer the chance to see these fantastic beasts in the wild, though weekend visits can be crowded. Bandhavgarh Madhya Pradesh has the highest density, while attractive Ranthambhore Rajasthan is easily accessible from Jaipur so is busy and has seen rising tiger numbers in recent years.

Here, polar bears linger on floating islands, hot-stepping ice floes as they hunt seals. A remarkable sight. An erudite bookstore manager, he dotes on the object of his affection, a young aspiring writer. The show touches on the usual themes that underlie such stories—male ego, Western hubris, the absolute power privileged officers wield over poor recruits—but it does so with rare style, intelligence and detail. An unseen monster adds an element of horror to the mix. There are plenty of smart twists from there, and the quintessential Irishness of the six-part show—from the emerald landscapes to the readings of Yeats poems—is a pleasure unto itself.

Unlike most stories about teens, America to Me avoids stereotypes—from black vs. The result is both a collection of vivid portraits and a case study in how even the best schools can fail African-American kids. Bill Clinton was impeached two decades ago this month, and the anniversary has not gone unobserved. Enriched by very funny supporting performances from Aparna Nancherla and Lance Reddick, this dark, surreal lefty comedy is a small-screen cousin to Sorry to Bother You. Her first proper TV project, which originally aired in the U. The longest-running show on this list remains underseen after four seasons, probably thanks to its gimmicky title and obscure network.

FYI: You can stream it on Netflix. It is considered to be the seat of humanity after the discovery of the earliest known specimens of the human genus, Homo habilis as well as early hominidae, such as Paranthropus boisei. Oldupai is in the eastern Serengeti Plains in northern Tanzania and is about 50 kilometres 31 mi long.

It lies in the rain shadow of the Ngorongoro highlands and is the driest part of the region. It is one of the most important primitive sites in the world and research there has been instrumental in furthering understanding of early human evolution. Excavation work there was pioneered by Mary and Louis Leakey in the s and is continued today by their family. Some believe that millions of years ago, the site was that of a large lake, the shores of which were covered with successive deposits of volcanic ash.

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Around , years ago seismic activity diverted a nearby stream which began to cut down into the sediments, revealing seven main layers in the walls of the gorge. Approximately 25, large animals, mostly ungulates, live in the crater. Large animals in the crater include the black rhinoceros, the local population of which declined from about in to between in , the African buffalo or Cape buffalo, and the hippopotamus. Waterbucks occur mainly near Lerai Forest. There are no topis, oribis, or crocodiles.

Impala are absent because the open woodland they prefer does not exist. Giraffe also are absent, possibly because of a lack of browse species. Tanzanian cheetah, East African wild dog, and African leopard are rarely seen. The area contains over 25, large animals including 26 black rhinoceros.

The crater also has the deepest known population of lions, numbering Higher up, in the rainforests of the crater rim, are leopards, about 30 large elephants, mountain reedbuck and more than 4, buffalos, spotted hyenas, jackals, rare wild dogs, cheetahs, and other felines. The legendary annual wildebeest and zebra migration also passes through Ngorongoro, when the 1. The migrants passing through the plains of the reserve include 1. The Lake Ndutu area to the west has significant cheetah and lion populations. Over species of bird have been recorded within the NCA.

These include ostrich, white pelican, and greater and lesser flamingo on Lake Magadi within the crater, Lake Ndutu, and in the Empakaai Crater Lake, where a vast bird population can be observed. Ngorongoro also has two other volcanic craters that is Olmoti and Empakai, the former famous for its stunning waterfalls, and the latter holding a deep lake and lush, green walls.

The African black rhino, largest tusker elephants, Ngorongoro Crater Lions, leopards and buffalos are healthy available in the Ngorongoro Crater. Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most beautiful natural wildlife safari sites in the world and an exceptional place to interact with people from the Maasai tribe. Because of the variety of animals present, the Ngorongoro Crater is a well-known tourist attraction. Ngorongoro Crater lions are known with its habit of climbing trees. Leopards are around, especially in the vicinity of the Lerai Forest. Side-striped and the lovely golden jackal are often seen skulking around, whilst bat-eared foxes are a rarer sight.

The side effect of the crater being a natural enclosure is that the lion population is significantly inborn. This is due to the very small amount of new descents that enter the local gene pool, as very few migrating male lions enter the crater from the outside. The park is teeming with wildlife, with animals such as zebra, buffalo, hyenas, wildebeests and lions thriving in the area. There are approximately 30, animals, though certain animals e. Ngorongoro is home to lush green, rain-watered vegetation, as well as desert plants.

The area has uncultivated lowland vegetation, arid and semi-arid plant communities, abundant short grass used for grazing, and highland forests. Scrub heath, grasslands, high open moorland, and the remains of dense evergreen forests cover the steep slopes of the crater, while highland trees including Peacock Flower, Yellow-Wood, Kousso Hagenia abyssinica , and Sweet Olive can also be found.

There are also extensive stretches of pure bamboo on Oldeani Mountain, and Pencil Cedar on Makarut Mountain to the west. Dove- weeds dominate the lower slopes, while the upland woodlands contain Red Thorn Acacia and Gum Acacia that are critical for protecting the watershed. The crater basin is covered by open short grass plains with fresh and brackish water lakes, marshes, swamps, and two patches of Acacia woodland. The undulating plains to the west are grass-covered with occasional Umbrella Acacia and Commiphora Africana trees. Blackthorn Acacia and Zebrawood dominate in the drier conditions beside Lake Eyasi.

These extensive grasslands and bush are rich, relatively untouched by cultivation, and support very large animal populations. Activities inside the Ngorongoro Crater itself are limited to game driving; there are a couple of picnic spots in the park, but getting out of the vehicle is strictly limited to these areas. However, a full range of activities is on offer in the wider Ngorongoro Conservation Area, including walking, trekking, excursions to Olduvai Gorge and visiting the Masai and other tribes. This mile long gorge is famous for being the site where 2-million-year old human fossils were found.

Step back in time, and walk the same paths that our ancient ancestors walked. This will be a great opportunity for those traveling to Ngorongoro from Serengeti, and will absolutely give you a great understanding about our descendants and how they lived! The mixture of forest, canyons, grassland plains, Lakes and marshes provide habitats for a wide range of bird life. The wet months see the arrival of the Eurasian migrants at the pools. White storks, yellow wagtails and swallows mingle with the local inhabitants: stilts, saddle-bill storks, ibis, ruff and various species of duck.

Lesser flamingos fly in to feed from their breeding grounds at Lake Natron. Distinctive grassland birds — ostrich, kori bustards and crowned cranes-abound. The rest of the NCA also has areas which will reward the keen birdwatcher. Travelling to Ngorongoro crater without visiting a Maasai village is really an incomplete journey.

The Maasai are semi-nomadic people who have lived in Kenya and Tanzania for a very long time.