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Fredric March won his second Best Actor award also having won in for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Despite his Oscar-nominated performance, Harold Russell was not a professional actor. As the Academy Board of Governors considered him a long shot to win, they gave him an honorary award "for bringing hope and courage to his fellow veterans through his appearance".

When Russell in fact won Best Supporting Actor, there was an enthusiastic response. He is the only actor to have received two Academy Awards for the same performance.

Gilbert Grape at When Johnny met Leo |

In , the National Film Registry selected it for preservation in the United States Library of Congress as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Andrews and Janet Waldo starred in the half-hour adaptation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

Gilbert Grape at 20: When Johnny met Leo...

Hugo Friedhofer Emil Newman. Samuel Goldwyn Productions. Milton Minna Gombell as Mrs. Parrish Walter Baldwin as Mr. Cameron Don Beddoe as Mr. He worked in San Bernardino as a radio announcer- disc jockey. Retrieved: February 4, Glory for Me. The Search for Sam Goldwyn. Carl Rollyson contributor.

Press of Mississippi. Andrews looked at the onionskin pages and asked, 'Mac, why did you write this in blank verse?

But when Sam asked me to write this story, he didn't tell me not to write it in blank verse! Archived from the original review on January 18, Retrieved January 16, Retrieved: November 20, British Film Institute. November 28, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved: April 26, Retrieved: February 10, The Best Years of our Lives. The New York Times , November 22, See Thomson, David A Biographical Dictionary of the Cinema.

Retrieved: July 30, Variety , January 6, , p. January 7, Retrieved June 11, — via Archive. Retrieved: September 19, Retrieved: June 12, Nostalgia Digest. Autumn Dolan, Edward F. Hollywood Goes to War. London: Bison Books, Flood, Richard. Hardwick, Jack and Ed Schnepf. General Aviation Series, Volume 2, Kinn, Gail and Jim Piazza. Orriss, Bruce. He never left the Grape house set without making sure Cates had everything she needed and sending her home with a kiss on the cheek. After scenes in which Gilbert was cruel to his mother, he would call Cates at her hotel at night to apologize for having to say the words.

Cassandra Dunn - Editor

I always thought it related to his acting style. Whatever he was going through in his personal life and as Gilbert, it worked beautifully for the role. On the contrary, he was the ringleader, popping up at group gatherings and organizing other, more exclusive outings. Me and Leo were underage. Just FYI. I remember strange old pieces of food. Leo took a bite — and almost died. Not literally, but oh my gosh, he gagged.

Paris Hilton

DiCaprio was, in every way except talent, just a kid — a fun, enthusiastic teen with no filter who loved Howard Stern and playing video games. No one needed to hold his hand, though.

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He was better than me at billiards. He was better than me at finding his way back when we got lost in cars. He had this instinct for finding the right way back home. He was just smart. Already as a year-old, he was smarter than most of us.

After DiCaprio had landed the role of Arnie but before filming began, he spent some time with a group of mentally-challenged boys near Austin. Just as he had done with the pre-audition tape, he proved to be a brilliant mimic, incorporating some of their tics and mannerisms — the glazed eyes, the finger flicking, the nose wipe — into a completely unique creation.

It was so amazing to me. Then I realized, looking around on set, that everyone was sort of in that same place of wonder at his ability. He did it three times, and each time, he mesmerized the crew. It was just kind of a magic spell she could cast. And she got what being an actor was about right away, though I think for Darlene the film was completely different than for the rest of us, because it was the story of her life. Cates may have been initially discovered because of her size, but she turned out to be a natural actress. When Arnie is jailed for climbing the watertower, Momma herself gets up and leaves the house to fetch him from the courthouse.

The scene had to evoke intense feelings and memories for Cates, as Momma pushed her shame aside to protect her family. We're used to celebrities getting ready with an entire glam squad before any big event, but thanks to the likes of Alicia Keys, more and more are bucking the heavy makeup trend and embracing their bare faced beauty. From collecting their best actress Oscar, to sitting front row at Paris fashion week and walking the Grammy's red carpet, here are the celebrities that did all that and more without any makeup.

Frances McDormand won best actress at the Academy Awards for her role in Three Billboards and if you couldn't tell by her acceptance speech she asked every female nominee to stand with her , she's not one to follow the crowd.

Make Me A Star! Paris Jackson Meets With Leo's Team To Plot Acting & Modeling Career | Radar Online

We couldn't love her more for choosing to go completely bare faced to the biggest event in Hollywood's calendar. Paris Jackson is not here for your beauty standards, especially your ones about body hair removal. Proving that she practices what she preaches, she turned up to People's 'Ones to Watch' event without a slap of makeup and with eyes that blue , who needs it.

We are gonna hold Alicia Keys single handedly responsible for empowering more and more women to go makeup free, pictured here at the Grammy Awards. Writing for Lenny Letter, Alicia revealed why she has stopped wearing makeup altogether : "Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn't put on makeup: What if someone wanted a picture??

These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me. As if we couldn't love Ashley Graham any more, she turned up to Rihanna's Puma Fenty show looking so fresh faced we wanted to grab for our makeup wipes immediately.

So technically not a red carpet, but Kim turned up to Balenciaga's Paris fashion show without any makeup.