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And the only reason that we're not cooling our heels in a jail cell right now is because this vehicular vengeance involved the bumper cars of the Ram Rods ride at Castles -n- Coasters instead of automobiles. You, too, can unleash your own personal demolition derby, driving like a maniac behind the wheel of the electric-powered coupes and fitting in as much smashing and crashing action as possible during the minute experience. Running is one of the most physically exhausting activities one can engage in: Your feet are punished, muscles taxed, and electrolytes drained.

Usually after a jog or a sprint, it's recommended that one replenishes one's burdened body by drinking ample amounts of liquids. If you're the average sort of runner, that means many thirsty gulps of water or sports drinks like Gatorade.

Adventures in Glowerhaven

But for members of the Valley's chapter of the Hash House Harriers, the fluid-replacement regimen consists of imbibing beverages with plenty of hops and barley. Self-described as a "drinking club with a running problem," the HHH holds numerous noncompetitive runs each month, where participants maneuver along haphazard four- to six-mile paths through both rural and urban environments created from chalk or flour. These events feature frequent pit stops along the way, where chugging contests, "beer checks," or other drinking distractions ensue in order to emphasize fun and equalize things between the more casual runners and those who're hoping to compete in the Boston Marathon as some HHH members have done.

It brings new meaning to the phrase "beer run. To win the prestigious Tour de France race an astounding seven years in a row, cyclist Lance Armstrong endured seven grueling treks lasting more than 20 days and 2, miles each. It was a triumph of heroic skill, athleticism, and willpower, demonstrating that man can conquer any challenge set before him.

But as epic as his victories were, we found it far more entertaining watching a bicycle battle like last year's Dagger Death Race. Held on the Saturday before Halloween, the gonzo contest organized by a local crew of BMX riders featured more than 40 cyclists many wearing costumes racing around Tempe and Scottsdale in a quest for two-wheeled supremacy. The over-the-top event was an "alleycat," a type of urban cycling race developed by bike messengers that involves participants maneuvering through a series of checkpoints through a city. Alleycats are big in cities like San Francisco and Portland, and have caught on across the Valley in the past few years, usually featuring a number of riders on fixed-gear bicycles single-speed and often brakeless two-wheelers that have also gotten popular recently.

Outrageous tasks are a frequent part of checkpoints at events, and the Dagger Death Race was no different with its stops. Riders had to succeed at such challenges as spinning around with their head planted on a baseball bat, digging chicken bones out of a pail of dirt, or drinking either beers or shots of hot sauce. Alleycats occasionally feature some lawless riding, like one rider who took his bike on Loop A second race is in the works for this year, and promises even more mayhem.

Let's just hope the cops don't spoil the fun. It's time to face some hard facts. You're never, ever gonna be cast as a contestant on The Amazing Race. After swallowing that bitter pill, soothe your uncastable ass by signing up to compete in the Great Urban Race. Similar to its televised cousin, the competition which usually goes down each spring in Tempe involves teams of two or four who decipher clues and complete a number of odd tasks such as finding a particular political candidate's campaign sign in order to maneuver through a series of citywide checkpoints and cross the finish line first for cash and prizes.

Teams are encouraged to come in costume to add to the zaniness of the event such as a pair who dressed as Super Mario Brothers this past year. The prizes aren't as big as they are on TV, and it might not be the same as jetting off to South America, but it's still pretty damn fun. Situated in the Coronado historic district is this spacious, urban park with two lighted basketball courts.

One slab of concrete usually has families and kids playing around while the other one features fast-paced pickup b-ball. A men's league complete with referees and a scorer's table reserves one of the courts on Monday and Wednesday nights, but some teams are often short of players, so just ask to run with them and they'll most often let you join in.

Park hours are from a. Nestled at the east end of this acre park are four regulation-size, rim-rocking basketball courts with some of the most competitive games around town. Each court is lighted for nighttime hoopin', and the lanes are painted purple and orange an ode to the Phoenix Suns , which kind of makes you feel like a pro. If you get tired of balling, then there are plenty of other super-fun activities, such as batting cages and a skate park as well as chill-out spots by the man-made lake.

Park hours are from 6 a. Those works may inspire comments on this page.

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To find all the old editions of that newsletter, just click here. Estleman 7 Madigan 7 Magnum P. Parker 22 Robert Crais 7 Robert J. Buy Books Online Amazon. Like burglars who secretly wish to be caught, we leave our fingerprints on broken locks, our voiceprints in bugged rooms, our footprints in the wet concrete. This site is dedicated to the memory of my beloved Roadster.

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