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The members are forbidden from entering into any major issues with one another, in an effort to maintain the unionized image that the union has established. Language Barriers While there is a common currency between the union countries, there is no common language.

Monetary Union in the EU | Economics Online

This becomes a big problem whenever the European Union needs to address the union as a whole. It makes it more difficult and more expensive to communicate.

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This may seem like a great thing, but it is certainly not. If one country begins to lose a large amount of money, it hurts countries that had nothing to do with the problem.


On the other side of that, countries that have the ability to become world leaders are held back by the restrictions of the EU. High Member Fees In order for a country to stay in the European Union they are forced to pay a very hefty fee. For example, the fee for Britain to stay in the EU is upwards of a billion pounds!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining the Euro

Many people argue that this cost alone outweighs any money that would saved from trade. Only European countries are permitted to join, which makes them a large target for countries outside of the region.

Benefits and disadvantages of European expansion

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9 Foremost Advantages and Disadvantages of the European Union

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Monetary Union

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