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As the government wants schools to perform best in Stem subjects science, technology, engineering and maths , and has excluded some arts subjects from the league tables, a lot of schools have given up teaching the arts altogether. When budgets are being cut, to spend money teaching GCSE drama, say, could be considered an unnecessary extravagance.

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They help children communicate. They help them establish their own characters.

Building Classroom Relationships - Strategies for engaging with students

So the social skills you build up with them, being able to talk about your work confidently, being able to evaluate a piece of work, being able to talk about a role-play and completely break down a role-play — they are life skills. They are absolutely life skills that every child needs. Zarifakou always knew she would be an art teacher.

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I just knew. Married to a fitness instructor, with two daughters aged 7 and 9, she is at work every morning by 7. She seems to be still trying to absorb her new status as the best teacher in the world — but when not dazed and reeling she is already thinking about how to use her new platform to influence education.

If she could go back in time to her first day as a teacher, and tell herself one thing she has learned about the job since then, what would it be?

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She thinks carefully. Build the relationship, build that trust. And then everything else can happen. It occurs to me that this is exactly what business people always say about their jobs. So do bankers, estate agents, marketing executives, hedge fund managers. Why our education system is premised on an assumption that the same does not apply to teaching is a mystery, but Zafirakou thinks she can explain.

Some teachers feel that they need to know everything, and always be the person with the knowledge. But I think sometimes the most beautiful thing about being a teacher is when you ask the child to teach you. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Teaching Saturday interview.

Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. We hand out books and forms and supplies. He even stays to pick up after some kids. It's a simple thing to do And so the year begins. They're getting shorter.

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The more of yourself you invest, the faster the school year goes through you. But there's no need to give that much thought just yet. I've got a speed round of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" waiting on me. Does anyone ever have friends like the ones they had when they were kids?

Building Relationships with Students

Chris Bowen has been the Teacher of the Year for his school, for his school district, and was most recently honored as Teacher of the Year for Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County currently employs over 80, teachers. His most important key to success with children is building that personal relationship with each child. There is a huge difference between being tough and being strong. Anybody can be tough with a nine year old. But, it takes the strength of patience, empathy, and honesty to build the more effective, lasting relationship.

The Importance Of Student-Teacher Relationships: Build The Bond

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