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It was a conditional promise made to Heli which was dependent upon other causes which prevented its fulfilment.

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The second, that of foreknowledge, takes place when God reveals future events which depend upon created free will and which he sees present from eternity. They have reference to life and death, to wars and dynasties, to the affairs of Church and State , as well as to the affairs of individual life. The third kind, the prophecy of predestination , takes place when God reveals what He alone will do, and what he sees present in eternity and in His absolute decree. This includes not only the secret of predestination to grace and to glory, but also those things which God has absolutely decreed to do by His own supreme power, and which will infallibly come to pass.

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The objects of prophecy may also be viewed in respect to human knowledge : when an event may be beyond the possible natural knowledge of the prophet , but may be within the range of human knowledge and known to others who witness the occurrence, as, for instance, the result of the battle of Lepanto revealed to St. Pius V ; when the object surpasses the knowledge of all men, not that it is unknowable but that the human mind cannot naturally receive the knowledge , such as the mystery of the Holy Trinity , or the mystery of predestination ; when the things that are beyond the power of the human mind to know are not in themselves knowable because their truth is not yet determined, such as future contingent things which depend upon free will.

This is regarded as the most perfect object of prophecy, because it is the most general and embraces all events that are in themselves unknowable. God can enlighten the human mind in any way he pleases. He often makes use of angelic ministry in prophetic communications, or He Himself may speak to the prophet and illuminate his mind. Again the supernatural light of prophecy may be conveyed to the intellect or through the senses or the imagination.

Prophecy may take place even when the senses are suspended in ecstasy , but this in mystical terminology is called rapture. Thomas teaches that there is no suspension of the sense activities when anything is presented to the mind of the prophet through impressions of the senses, nor is it necessary when the mind is immediately enlightened that activity of the senses should be suspended; but it is necessary that this should be the case when the manifestation is made by imaginative forms, at least at the moment of the vision or of the hearing of the revelation, because the mind is then abstracted from external things in order to fix itself entirely on the object manifested to the imagination.

In such a case a perfect judgment cannot be formed of the prophetic vision during the transport of the soul , because then the senses which are necessary for a right understanding of things cannot act, and it is only when a man comes to himself and awakens from the ecstasy that he can properly know and discern the nature of his vision. Recipient of prophecy The gift of prophecy is an extraordinary grace bestowed by God.

It has never been confined to any particular tribe, family , or class of persons. There is no distinct faculty in human nature by which any normal or abnormal person can prophesy, neither is any special preparation required beforehand for the reception of this gift. Hence Cornely remarks: "Modern authors speak inaccurately of 'schools of prophets' , an expression never found in the Scriptures or the Fathers" Comp. Neither was there ever any external rite by which the office of prophet was inaugurated; its exercise was always extraordinary and depended on the immediate call of God.

The prophetic light, according to St. Hence the ancient prophets by their prayers petitioned for this Divine light 1 Kings ; Jeremiah ; sq. Writing on the recipients of prophecy, Benedict XIV Heroic Virtue, III, , says: "The recipients of prophecy may be angels , devils , men, women , children, heathens , or gentiles ; nor is it necessary that a man should be gifted with any particular disposition in order to receive the light of prophecy provided his intellect and senses be adapted for making manifest the things which God reveals to him.

Though moral goodness is most profitable to a prophet , yet it is not necessary in order to obtain the gift of prophecy. When therefore God reveals to an angel as the medium through which the future is made known to man, the angel also becomes a prophet. As to the Devil , the same author tells us that he cannot of his own natural knowledge foretell future events which are the proper objects of prophecy, yet God may make use of him for this purpose. Thus we read in the Gospel of St. Luke that when the Devil saw Jesus he fell down before Him and, crying out with a loud voice, said: "What have I to do with thee, Jesus , Son of the most high God?

There are instances of women and children prophesying in Holy Scripture.

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Mary, the sister of Moses, is called a prophetess ; Anna, the mother of Samuel, prophesied; Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist , by a Divine revelation recognized and confessed Mary as the Mother of God. Samuel and Daniel as boys prophesied; Balaam , a Gentile , foretold the advent of the Messias and the devastation of Assyria and Palestine. Thomas , in order to prove that the heathens were capable of prophecy, refers to the instance of the Sybils , who make clear mention of the mysteries of the Trinity, of the Incarnation of the Word, of the Life, Passion, and Resurrection of Christ. It is true that the Sybilline poems now extant became in course of time interpolated; but, as Benedict XIV remarks, this does not hinder much of them, especially what the early Fathers referred to, from being genuine and in no wise apocryphal.

That the gift of private prophecy exists in the Church is clear from Scripture and the acts of canonization of the saints in every age. To the question, what credence is to be given to these private prophecies, Cardinal Cajetan answers, as stated by Benedict XIV : "Human actions are of two kinds, one of which relates to public duties , and especially to ecclesiastical affairs, such as preaching, celebrating Mass , pronouncing judicial decisions, and the like; with respect to these the question is settled in the canon law, where it is said that no credence is to be publicly given to him who says he has privately received a mission from God , unless he confirms it by a miracle or a special testimony of Holy Scripture.

The other class of human actions consists of those of private persons , and speaking of these, he distinguishes between a prophet who enjoins or advises them, according to the universal laws of the Church , and a prophet who does the same without reference to those laws.

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In the first case every man may abound in his own sense whether or not to direct his actions according to the will of the prophet ; in the second case a prophet is not to be listened to" Heroic Virtue, III, It is also important that those who have to teach and direct others should have rules for their guidance to enable them to distinguish true from false prophets. A summary of those prescribed by theologians for our guidance may be useful to show practically how the doctrine is to be applied to devout souls in order to save them from errors or diabolical delusions: the recipient of the gift of prophecy should, as a rule, be good and virtuous, for all mystical writers agree that for the most part this gift is granted by God to holy persons.

The disposition or temperament of the person should also be considered, as well as the state of health and of the brain; the prophecy must be conformable to Christian truth and piety , because if it propose anything against faith or morals it cannot proceed from the Spirit of Truth; the prediction should concern things outside the reach of all natural knowledge , and have for its object future contingent things or those things which God alone knows; it should also concern something of a grave and important nature, that is something for the good of the Church or the good of souls.

This and the preceding rule will help to distinguish true prophecies from the puerile, senseless, and useless predictions of fortune-tellers , crystal-gazers, spiritualists , and charlatans. These may tell things beyond human knowledge and yet within the scope of the natural knowledge of demons , but not those things that are strictly speaking the objects of prophecy; prophecies or revelations which make known the sins of others, or which announce the predestination or reprobation of souls are to be suspected.

Three special secrets of God have always to be deeply respected as they are very rarely revealed, namely: the state of conscience in this life, the state of souls after death unless canonized by the Church , and the mystery of predestination. The secret of predestination has been revealed only in exceptional cases, but that of reprobation has never been revealed, because so long as the soul is in this life, its salvation is possible.

The day of General Judgment is also a secret which has never been revealed; we have afterwards to ascertain whether the prophecy has been fulfilled in the way foretold. There are some limitations to this rule: 1 if the prophecy was not absolute, but containing threats only, and tempered by conditions expressed or understood, as exemplified in the prophecy of Jonas to the Ninivites, and that of Isaias to King Ezechias; 2 it may sometimes happen that the prophecy is true and from God , and the human interpretation of it is false , as men may interpret it otherwise than God intended.

It is by these limitations we have to explain the prophecy of St. Bernard regarding the success of the Second Crusade , and that of St. Vincent Ferrer regarding the near approach of the General Judgment in his day. Chief particular prophecies The last prophetic work which the Church acknowledges as Divinely inspired is the Apocalypse. The prophetic spirit did not disappear with the Apostolic times, but the Church has not pronounced any work prophetic since then, though she has canonized numberless saints who were more or less endowed with the gift of prophecy.

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