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He called it prostitution of the word "revival". Today, many things pass for revival.

The Spirit of Revival (Part 5)

Sometimes a spirited gospel song is considered a revival. Perhaps when a few people shout, "Amen", or "Hallelujah", it is considered a revival. When several folks get saved in one meeting, some call that revival. These are all good things, but not necessarily revival. Others have had the audacity to proclaim that we are in a mighty revival now; called the "Charismatic movement". Yet the major fruit of the movement has been a watered down gospel of ecumenism, hardly a true revival!

Actually, the Charismatic movement has done more to bring about the one world church than any other force in history! Even when you consider that the Charismatics have called our attention to the work of the Holy Spirit, something often neglected in the churches, we are compelled to renounce it, as a movement. I say this because as a movement, the Charismatic movement has produced much division among true Christians, especially the current "name it and claim it" variety. Perhaps the most striking proof of its failure is the fact that there is generally little holiness, or biblical separation, or true godliness associated with the movement.

Too often, standards are thrown to the wind! Some of the Charismatics' own leaders have said this, so I am not trying to slander them. I do hasten to add that non-charismatics can't throw any rocks here! When we speak of holiness, we all fall short! But shouldn't a movement that sweeps the country and purports to be true revival be touching all around?

Yet today we have more bars, more pornography, more prostitution, more homosexuality, more child molesting, more abortion, and more nakedness, more divorces, more illegal drugs, more rebellious children — in general, more sin, in spite of any movement! A real revival would certainly change all that!

Study the history of the Great Awakening, and other revivals and you should see this clearly. I titled my first awkward newsletter in "Revival for Survival".

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I still believe revival is the only answer for our survival. Also, the works of sound evangelicals of yesterday such as Charles Spurgeon, J. Ryle, John Brown, J. Gresham Machen and many others are abundant as perhaps never before in history if you know where to look for them. The average Christian book store doesn't stock too much "meaty" reading.

Some declare this abundance of good literature as revival. While I certainly count it as a wonderful thing to see all this good literature published at a time when we also have more shallow, carnal, religious books available, in itself, this is not revival. It is foundational to a revival! Before we can have revival, we must know who God is! We must see Him in His awesome majesty. He must be glorified in His attributes. These old writers have a way of pointing us to this omnipotent God. This has been strengthened by many present day writers such as J.

Packer, R.

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Pink, etc. For many years this truth has been pushed aside. I have personally noticed that in the last 25 years there are many more churches and pastors boldly declaring the old paths. These are definitely "Old Paths", and is a reformation of sorts "in progress", which must come before a real revival.

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It is hopefully a beginning. I am grateful to God for this revelation to His called servants, but this is not, in itself revival! Revival Is The Work of God! It is not my purpose at this time to expound all three chapters, but I do want to take a brief look at the whole book. Sin and violence had covered the land.


The situation was much as it is today. Evildoers needed to be punished, yet, justice is forgotten and the guilty go unpunished. He tells the prophet in chapter 1, verses 6. They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves. This is equivalent to us today in the U. A strange answer, we would say! He climbs upon his watchtower to wait upon God's answer, but, indeed God does answer when we patiently wait upon Him.

The reason Habakkuk could wait patiently on God is that he had an understanding of God's attributes. He saw that: a. God is eternal — "Art Thou not from everlasting? Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, "He is forgetting for a moment the immediate problem, and asking himself what it was he was sure of about God. He is God from eternity to eternity, the everlasting God. There is nothing more consoling or reassuring when oppressed by the problems of history, and when wondering what is to happen in the world, than to remember that the God whom we worship is outside the flux of history.

He has preceded history; He has created history. His throne is above the world and outside time. He reigns in eternity, the everlasting God". God is holy. Such a church would not only be attractive to those who long for spiritual reality, but it would be a great witness to the incoming kingdom of God. First published in Tabletalk Magazine , an outreach of Ligonier. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible.

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