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There is no punishment, no deprivation, no obsessing and no meal plans. I've completely relaxed around exercise as well. I've found what I enjoy doing and what works for me and I probably exercise more consistently now than I did when I had a rigid exercise routine and was forcing myself to exercise in a way that I thought I had to, but that only depleted my energy and left me feeling drained and lethargic. My journey is by no means over. This is just the beginning, but in 8 weeks I feel like I have found my true self again, I have gotten my life back, I have regained energy and enthusiasm and I feel optimistic about my future.

Lydia, I honestly cannot thank you enough for being you, for creating a program that results in true freedom, for your honesty, your positivity, your quirky videos, your understanding, your wisdom and your encouragement and for creating a community of like minded and inspiring women. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! I remember the first time I was obsessed with food and binged. I was only 5 years old. I was in pre-school and I stayed inside and kept eating - I couldn't stop - while I watched the other kids outside playing at recess. Even at that young age, I knew that was not normal, but I didn't know how to stop.

My family tried to put me on diets. It only made me more obsessed with eating. I'm now in my 40's, so I have spent a large chunk of my life feeling like a prisoner to dieting, food obsession, overeating and binging. I remember in the eighth grade feeling so bad about my weight I literally wanted to die. And I was only pounds, which would put me in a normal weight range. Fast forward to my life right before joining Lydia's program - I'm at the heaviest weight of my life definitely NOT in the normal healthy weight range , I'm more obsessed with food than ever, I'm spending countless hours and dollars trying to find the right way to eat, and I'm starting to isolate myself from friends and activities because I'm so embarrassed by the way I look and eat.

I was becoming miserable, exhausted by this craziness nothing has helped me shake, and I'm afraid for my health. I'm very successful in every other area of my life, but this area had me flummoxed! I knew my life was about more than this food obsession, but I didn't know how to fix it. No diet, program or therapist had ever helped me stop acting so crazy with food! I'm so grateful for this program. I am no longer experiencing the urge to binge. For me, even better is the fact that I don't think about food that much anymore. It's quite liberating!

I used to feel so obsessed about it. Now I can enjoy what I eat and then forget about it until I'm hungry again. Another benefit I'm experiencing is that I'm feeling more accepting of my body and am being more social again. I'm no longer letting how I look prevent me from living life. And I know that I won't be eating or trying not to eat in a way that is embarrassing. Potlucks, parties, and dinners out are now just fine. I'm able to be around food, yet pay attention to the company I'm with and the conversations we're having.

One of the biggest surprises to me is how simple this process is. Yet it's so effective. And I've been practicing it in areas not even related to eating and it's helping me. For example, I tend to experience strong anxiety about flying. It begins long before my flight. So I started using these principles to help with the anxiety about an upcoming trip and it's working!

This program is opening up a whole new world. Most of my life I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with me, that I was broken. Now I know I am completely normal and I just had a habit that didn't serve me. I can change my brain. It's not difficult, and it doesn't take that long, either. I just needed to learn how to do it and get the support I needed. Which I got, thanks to this program. I feel like I have a new lease on life, and I only just graduated. I feel normal around food most of the time now. And when I don't, I practice what Lydia taught me and it works. I feel more accepting of my body.

This has given me more physical energy which feels very good. I'm spending more time with friends, and I have more emotional energy to devote to my marriage. And, with many hours a week I've freed up from researching the latest diet or "way of eating" I have more time to spend on my business as well. Thank you Lydia for creating this program. I can't wait until everyone knows there's a simple, elegant, effective way to overcome the food crazies, and people know there is nothing wrong with them. It's just habits we've developed and there is a remedy.

Prior to doing Beat the Binge, I was binging around 4 times a week but it was more like an all day graze binge vs. There was a lot of secrecy to it still as I was ashamed I wasn't able to lose weight any longer or stick to a diet or food plan of any type at all. I have done counseling and different "healthy" food plans and "intuitive eating" and studied binge eating on my own before it was even an "eating disorder," and read a lot of self-help books, and stewed over the behavior for about 12 years.

I began binge eating late in high school. It was a meal here or there, not frequent. This behavior followed a 3-year stint of anorexia which had me down about 90 pounds as a freshman and sophomore in high school. In college there were a lot of life changes happening - I had lost my identity in sports and was trying to figure out my place in the world. I was a strong student and had the perfect apartment and held a solid job but the one thing that was out of control was food! I worked for a raw foodist and was vegan for a time and this is when the binge eating was completely out of control!

I gained around pounds through all of college. It was losing 30 pounds here, gaining 60 pounds there, losing 20 pounds This cycling continued to happen out of college and into my career. I landed a fantastic job that brought me into a good community with fun roommates and travel galore.

The binging leveled out a bit for a few years and I was getting more active again and lost about 60 of the pounds I had gained - life felt exciting! I still wasn't happy with my body, even at my skinniest and fittest - the goal of perfect was always out of reach. I am naturally a larger female - 6'2" and easily put on muscle mass and mass in general - there is nothing really dainty about me.

I knew that this want to be super skinny did not sit well with my conscious - I have always been one to fight for the people on the fringe - why did I have these feelings of hate against myself because I couldn't mold my body into the shape I wanted it to be in - why did I even want it to be that shape?

Inspiring Women Series, Volume One: Lydia Cacho

This didn't resonate with my belief of loving everyone and everyone having value or my belief that women are WAY more than just something pretty to look at. My insides were at war and I felt responsible! Little did I know Having these two loves in my life were the mirror I needed to keep searching for a solution. I have had a lot of healing in my life over the last 4 years but the binging was still there. I was brought to the point of just wanting freedom in my life - I had stopped dieting and just wanted to "eat normally.

I wasn't completely free of the desire to want to be thin that lingered and I wasn't able to stop binging just by quitting the harsh restricting - it got slightly better in the last year after watching Lydia's youtube videos and all of the other support interviews she has with people like Isabelle Foxen Duke - but the binges were still hanging on.

After the 8 week program, I can say with certainty that my brain has changed. My behavior is completely different around food. I haven't binged in weeks and I am working on overeating, though even that has changed for the better as well. My relationship with my husband is stronger after learning these tools and now knowing that I am not hiding anything from him. I don't have guilt or shame when I eat, like I used to after eating literally anything. I don't have guilt or shame around having "chatter" or "crazy thoughts," I am confident I have the tools to call it out and just look at it knowing it isn't really "me.

I have tasted freedom and there is nothing better. Love is freedom, the opposite of love is manipulation - I can confidently say I do not desire to manipulate my body at all - which is a huge step closer to loving it. I also feel better about people - just being in the beat the binge program with these other AMAZING women was so heartwarming - I haven't ever been in a community like it. We all share in this journey together and it is amazing to see women encouraging each other and celebrating wins together and just loving the new freedom we are experiencing.

The biggest surprise I got from the program was the layers of freedom. Not only am I free from binging, I am free from judgment of myself and my thoughts and perfectionism, I am free from the shackles that society imposes on women and mothers, I know how to navigate my thought life, I know how to problem solve better in relationships My mother often missed meals and I remember her clearly weighing herself and being very fed up that she couldn't get under 9stone.

My father also always commented on women's weight and looks and the worse thing you could do as a woman is to be fat. We were not allowed chocolate or treats and so I remember trying to eat as many as possible whenever I could then my first proper diet was at 14 at boarding school when a friend and i decided we would just eat an orange a day which was successful and I had anorexic tendencies and ended up being expelled from school at 15 and one of the reasons was that I wasn't eating. I know now this was possibly as a result of being sexually and physically abused by the priest at boarding school between but I basically blocked those 2 years out of my brain completely.

Once home I quite quickly started bingeing. Then for the next 25 years I binged times per week but wasn't overweight, even after having twins. I was however, always on a diet, obsessed with food and what I looked like and felt overweight even though I wasn't. Then when i turned 40 I had a breakdown when my daughter reached that age i have been abused at boarding school and that is when the bingeing and my physical health got really out of control.

My weight went up very quickly and I went up and down by stone and the diets I did got more extreme - complete meal replacement shakes for months at a time or every other day fasting as I couldn't seem to do anything less extreme - so basically starving and bingeing every other day. As they were so extreme the bingeing and bounce back was always fast and furious and I worried that I could burst my stomach or really injure myself and I was so ashamed as my weight went so obviously up and down but I couldn't talk to any of my friends or family about it.

I then started having therapy and that really helped but didn't completely sort the bingeing although it was much less as i had also pretty much stopped restricting. However, getting in touch with Lydia was the final piece in the puzzle for me to find the freedom I so desperately wanted all this time. Now I feel free! I don't think about food all day and I don't have any of the overwhelming urges that i used to have all the time.

I only had one minor binge in the 8 weeks working with Lydia so it was almost instant help for me. I am still working on body image as having been slim for the majority of my life until the last 15 years I still wish I could be slimmer but that is getting much better and having bought new clothes has helped a lot with that.

I feel so much happier at home with my family and don't have the mood swings that bingeing made me have - I feel I am in my relationships and am more loving rather than most of my thoughts being on either trying to get food or avoid food. I, like everyone, was so scared i was broken and it wouldn't work for me and I would have wasted my savings.

Such simple principles and knowing that even if I have a slip and binge that i know the way out is amazing. I am much calmer and although I say I would like to lose weight I know that my body will find the set point that it is meant to be in its own good time and i am happy with that.

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My Binge Eating Disorder started when I was in my early teens. At that time, the fact that my parents talked about weight loss and commented about people's appearance although never toward me made me self-conscious about my weight and want to diet. That lead me to the Binge Eating cycle, where I would restrict during the day and binge or overeat almost everyday at night, and finish by using laxative.

That period lasted until the end of high school and started again 2 years ago.

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In summer , I lost weight because I started doing a lot of biking in the city which I enjoy , and felt really good about it. In order to maintain the weight or to keep losing more, I started to control what I ate. I would count the calories to make sure that I went to bed hungry. I even created a daily calorie limit for myself funny for me now. Following that, I continued to lose weight for one year until fall , when I started to Binge Eat again.

At the beginning, it didn't affect much my life because I Binge Eat once a week or 2 weeks, I could "cope" with that I made sure to eat much less the next days and my weight stayed the same. In August , coming back from a trip where I restricted a lot , my episode of Binge Eating became more frequent 3 times a week.

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That is where I started to attach much more meanings and emotions to this habit. On one hand, food has a capital importance in my life. For example, if I go out to eat with friends or my boyfriend, I will make to to choose the "best" restaurant or meal. I would look at the menu way before going, and even after that, I would be indecisive about what to choose in the restaurant. And when I ordered a meal that was not as good as I thought it was, I became frustrated and disappointed. I would also restrict myself during the day to be able to eat more in the restaurant.

When I am in a BE mode, I my lower brain feel so compelled, excited at the idea of eating without limit. On the other hand, I will feel horrible after a binge. Physically, I feel bad, and couldn't do anything for the rest of the day. I couldn't be physically in shape for the next days too. Mentally and emotionally, I would feel regret, worthless, unproductive, and useless as a person. I typically BE alone at home between the end of class in the afternoon and before my boyfriend came back from his job.

I will especially feel so bad and worthless for him to come home to a girlfriend who just eat. It impacted also my social life and my studies. I will procrastinate on my school work, and lower my standard and effort. There are many social opportunities with friends I cancelled, classes I skipped, or work days I missed because I want to BE or feel bad the day after a binge.

There is a lot of things I enjoy that I just don't "feel" like doing anymore, things as simple as taking a walk with my boyfriend in our neighborhood. In beginning of , there was a day I told myself I cannot continue like that because I could see myself handicapped with this BED for my whole life, living miserably. I know I have potential and dreams I want to achieve, so I reached out for help to Lydia's team by scheduling a breakthrough session. After the program, I feel so much better around food. First, I don't BE anymore, and even if I do in the future, it won't be a big deal because I have the tools to bounce back quickly.

It is incredible to realize that I don't even want the thing that bring me 1 pleasure before.


I restrict much less than before, and if even I do restrict, I can spot the restriction chatter and quickly have clarity around that. Being in the program made me realize how miserably hungry I was before because of all the restriction to not gain weight , so I am really happy now.

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I am also able to truly eat what I want and rediscover my taste around food. Before, I would eat things because they are low in calories or feel pressured to finish food before they go bad in the fridge. Also, I thought I really love dessert and ice cream, but now that I truly allow myself to eat everything, I am not as crazy about sugar as I once was. As for my body, it became a reliable partner for me because I can trust its hunger and fullness signal, and my metabolism came back too. I started to see myself differently. There was one day I looked myself in the mirror and thought: "maybe I am prettier curvier" I loved that new appreciation.

Lydia was amazing in teaching us these principles that even made us change our attitude in life. I feel positive about situations I would normally beat myself up before. Finally, the most important thing I walk out from the program with is gaining trust in myself feeling of empowerment , knowing that whatever happens in life, I have the tool to be free at anytime. These physical limitations got worse with weight gain.

I had one really bad food habit that got worse and worse the more I felt stuck and helpless. That was night time comfort eating. High calories, high carbs, late at night. The physical issues felt like they would be with me forever because of it. I felt tired and weak willed and in need of comfort food at night. So the junk food happened almost every single night. I tried to eat better things and I tried to eat nothing at all too. But every time, I would just go right back to eating chips or cheese popcorn.

And since those foods are mostly air, it took ages to feel full from them. I knew the instant my friend told me about it that it was the missing piece of the puzzle and I could see what I would have if I did it. No dieting. And my choices are surprisingly healthy ones now. I know that I can have junk food if I want it. I can go get some any time! But the deep knowledge of the truth of that is what sets you free! I care less about my weight and how I look than I ever have before.

In a GOOD way. And there is a lot of joy in that for me. I was also surprised at how quiet it is inside my head now. There was chatter about a whole lot of things in my life that I never realized was even there. I call out the chatter on that. I just do it and I find pleasure in it as I go. Losing weight has nothing to do with how I feel about myself anymore. That feels pretty weird after being female for nearly five decades. All gone.

I have no anxiety left in me at how the world sees me or my weight. I struggled with food craziness from the age of 11 when I went on my first diet. I matured faster than most girls my age so I became a diet and weight loss veteran by the age of I thought that I could maintain or even lose weight by continuing to crash diet and that eventually the weight loss would stick, but around age 25 my metabolism became almost non-existent and I began gaining weight RAPIDLY as I continued my binging and restricting cycles.

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In a 3 year period of time I gained almost 70 pounds and there was no end in sight. I tried purging but was unable to purge enough to make up for the amount of food I was consuming each and every day. I went on a diet I would lose weight and gain back more than when I started. I felt completely hopeless For the past 5 years I have kept the weight gain to about 10 pounds per year by following a strict diet program for a few months a year and then giving up because I lacked self-control.

Or so I thought At my worst I was binging daily and sometimes more than once per day. Understanding that Jesse is a captive, and not willingly complicit in the gang's meth production, Walt feigns anger and tackles Jesse to the floor. The neo-Nazis are amused and start laughing at the struggle. Kenny jokes as Todd tries to get Walt off of Jesse, but Walt pushes the trunk-open button on the car remote control. Outside, the trunk of the car opens, exposing the mounted machine gun. It automatically starts to open fire, oscillating on the garage door opener's motor, and rips through the vehicle and building.

The rain of bullets causes mayhem inside the clubhouse room, quickly killing Kenny, Frankie, Matt and Lester. Walt covers Jesse as the machine gun continues to fire bullets through the wall and windows cutting through everyone that was standing. Through the racket, there is the sound of a muffled impact, and Walt gasps, but continues to lie on top of Jesse, keeping him out of the line of fire.

After the M60 runs out of ammo, Todd crawls to the window in a daze, wondering who's shooting at them. Jesse jumps up and starts to strangle Todd with the chain of his handcuffs completely full of rage for his captivity and murdering Andrea. The two men struggle on the ground as Walt watches but does nothing to interfere. Todd struggles, but Jesse perseveres until Todd's breath runs out and his body falls limp, finally avenging Andrea. He approaches the now bleeding and defenseless neo-Nazi leader who is lying on the floor.

Jack casually grabs his cigarette dropped nearby, begs Walt to wait while he nonchalantly takes a puff on it, then tries to bargain for his life.

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He tells Walt he's obviously here for his money, but that he'll never find his millions if he pulls the trigger Walt interrupts him with a bullet to the head, avenging Hank's murder.. Jesse frantically unlocks his hand-and foot-cuffs and stands up, now facing Walt, who still has the pistol in hand. After an intense and silent stare, Walt slides his gun to his former student, who somewhat puzzled picks it up and aims it at Walt. Walt obliges and admits "I want this," yet Jesse still finds it impossible to pull the trigger.

Just then he notices Walt is bleeding from his side revealing that Walt was shot by a round from his own M He drops the gun and tells Walt to do it himself. As Jesse is walking out, Todd's phone starts ringing. Walt searches for it in Todd's pockets and answers the call. As Jesse looks for the keys to Todd's car, Walt says "it's done!

An alarmed Lydia perks up shocked, as Walt asks if she is feeling "under the weather," as if she has the flu? Jesse and Walt share one last look of gratitude, Jesse seemingly forgiving Walt, as the two men nod farewell to one another. He keeps his foot down and speeds down the road as fast as he can to parts unknown finally free of the drug cartels and able to resume his life without danger.

Blood drips from Walt's abdomen, soaking his shirt. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Slave Girl by Penelope Syn. After numerous false starts, an experienced couple offer to take her under their wing. Before they will consider her, she must pass an interview, which will test not only her manners but also her submissive nat Slave Girl: The Interview Lydia's Path 1 An Explicit Erotic Short Story Quiet and unassuming, Lydia hides a secret desire: to be taken and trained as a sex slave.

Before they will consider her, she must pass an interview, which will test not only her manners but also her submissive nature.

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How badly does she want this path? Warning: Explicit sexual content. Intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.