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Review quote 'Rommel's Desert War brings fresh sources and a fresh perspective to the North African campaign. Kitchen's skillful blend of policy and strategy, operations and tactics, pulls no punches.

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His stringent, well documented critique of Rommel's performance in particular makes this a significant contribution to the literature on the Second World War. Now at last, making full use of Italian sources, Martin Kitchen has given us a balanced, judicious and convincing analysis of the three-handed war in the desert. It will be required reading for every World War II historian. Fascinating insights abound. The book gives due weight to both his operational brilliance, especially in retreat, and his poor strategic judgment.

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It will stand alongside, challenging and correcting, Liddell Hart's Rommel Papers. Martin Kitchen takes us to the heart of the Axis war effort in North Africa. His book effortlessly blends sources written in many languages into a gripping narrative. The struggle for Libya was not the 'war without hate': it was a squalid and nasty fight with enormous ramifications for world history. Kitchen captures both the brutality and the importance of the struggle. No one is going to see the Desert War in quite the same light after reading his book.

World War II: New Research Taints Image of Desert Fox Rommel

His stringent, well-documented critique of Rommel's performance in particular makes this a significant contribution to the literature on the Second World War. Martin Kitchen reveals with real clarity the complex interaction between the two armies in the see-saw fighting of the desert. He punctures myths effortlessly and, impressively, links the fierce desert fighting with the political imperatives and realities of the fascist powers. This book is now essential reading for anyone interested in the desert war and its place in the wider history of the Second World War. Ping, Southern Utah University "This study gives us a vivid view of the theater from the perspective of the Afrikakorps command.

Nofi, StrategyWorld. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Follow us. German machinery during the Second World War included deadly heavy Panzer tanks, self-propelled guns, armoured cars and motorcycles.

Crew members standing next to their Panzer tank out in the open desert.

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Bottles of water can be seen on the turret side. A German Afrika Korps crew sitting on one of their vehicles during some down time, while one crew member plays an accordion. It was a risky move and they nearly ran out of ammunition, but they managed to repulse every British counter attack. They then destroyed the British armoured forces in a climactic battle near Bir Hacheim.

However, German luck turned later in the year at the Battle of El Alamein where Montgomery launched a powerful offensive. Rommel wanted to withdraw but received a direct order from Hitler to stand firm, which he obeyed. Officers in the field take some time out and rest on Italian deckchairs from a Libyan beach in Rommel returned to Germany where he was implicated in a failed assassination plot on Hitler in July While most of those suspected of being involved in the plot were immediately executed, Hitler was mindful that to the German public, Rommel was a highly respected and beloved war hero.

Instead, the Fuhrer sent two officers to his home to give Rommel the option of a very public show trial that would ultimately end in his execution, or committing suicide and keeping his reputation in tact.

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A German Panzer tank, set up as a command post in the middle of the desert. The tarpaulin was to protect the crew from the dust and intense heat. Inhabitants of a Tunisian town flock around and climb onto a Marder III tank destroyer, which had been abandoned by German troops. General Rommel seen with an Italian general. Not long after, Rommel was promoted to field marshal by Hitler. Famed for leading his army from the front rather than the rear, as most generals did, for a time, Rommel enjoyed an unbroken string of successes, and earned the nickname the "Desert Fox" for his surprise attacks.

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He also became known among his countrymen as the "the People's Marshal," gained popularity in the Arab world as a liberator from British rule, and was regarded as one of Hitler's most successful generals and one of Germany's most popular military leaders. Field Marshal Rommel's success would be short-lived, however.

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With North Africa lost, in , Rommel was recalled to Europe to oversee the defense of the Atlantic coast. In early , Rommel was entrusted with the French Channel coast's defense against a possible Allied invasion. Around this same time, Rommel began to express doubt about both Germany's reasons for participating in the war and Hitler's capability of peace-making, and the field marshal was told by a group of friends that he should lead the nation once Hitler was overthrown.

Rommel dismissed the suggestion, unaware at the time that the men had been planning to assassinate the German leader. On D-Day—June 6, —, Allied troops landed in Normandy, and invading forces eventually reached 1 million. After the Allied invasion and the resulting push across France, Rommel knew that Germany would lose the war and discussed surrendering with other officers. After the July Plot—an assassination attempt against Hitler that occurred on July 20, —Rommel's contact with the conspirators was revealed, implicating him in the plot to overthrow Hitler.

Rommel was then offered the option of taking his own life to avoid a public trial and protect his family.