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Annual Subscription Single Issues. Search for Fourth R articles by author using the index below. Looking for an index by issue? Find it here. Westar Institute fosters collaborative, cumulative research in religious studies and communicates the results of the scholarship to a broad, non-specialist public. Just how radical were the first followers of Jesus? Collins , Does the Bible Justify Violence? Does the Kingdom of God Need God? Mark Who? Exhibit One: Is a New Reformation possible?

Exhibit Two: What does the Resurrection mean? Part 1. Part 2.

Dominance & Submission Basics PART 6 of 6 - Q&A: Misconceptions and BDSM Demonstration

Part 3. Part 4. Be YOU. Make a deliberate choice. Your value is created by what you choose to do.

Message Series - Let Us Rise Up & Build Part4 by C-3 Church Indian Trail, NC • A podcast on Anchor

Thinking is not voluntary! Choice is about thinking and feeling, not just as a reaction in the moment when you are a victim of your thoughts. Generate possibilities and choose intentionally. Decide to overcome any anxiety or fear associated with your decision to stand out. Put the work in. Be prepared to put in whatever is necessary to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Learn how to authentically talk about what you do and the value it gives. Learn how to be happy. Does your work match your passion for it?

Or does your passion match your work? Make things enjoyable even when talking to others about what you do and how it might help them. However, some of us hide who we really are and instead present an image of how we think the other person wants us to behave in the hope that we will be accepted or liked. I see this happen a lot in business, especially when leaders are stepping out of their comfort zones to play a bigger game. In corporate you might be attending a meeting with senior managers. As a business owner, you might be meeting an influential client or someone who is a role model and you feel star-struck to work with them.

We perceive them as being so much more important and fall to pieces in these situations instead of being our normal, confident and articulate self…. Our internal thinking has a huge impact on our confidence and self worth. Our social and parental conditioning is against us being authentic and over time we have created rules, such as:.

We are under pressure to fit in. We live up in our heads most of the time, believing our thoughts to be the truth you literally are what you think! Most of us go through life not knowing who we are or what we want. We settle, survive and keep our heads down.

This is easier than trying to be yourself. Being real exposes you to vulnerability and judgment — this is scary. The perception that someone is more important than you is often based on old concepts of power, especially in business. We try to work out where we fit in in the hierarchy. True power comes from your personal power as a human being.

By building trust and support you naturally attract other people. You have no idea what they are thinking. They are probably not thinking about you at all! This distraction only makes you get your own way of success. Instead of worrying about what to say, or how you look, focus on your intention for the meeting.

Understand the value that you bring. We are all equals no matter what role we play. See yourself as a consultant, not as a sub-ordinate. Understand that some personality styles are different to yours. They package their language in a different way. You have the same values whatever role you are playing. Find the language to help you say what you want to say. Learn to listen to your heart as well as your head. Throughout our day we are constantly talking to ourselves — Yes, THAT voice in our head, the one who seems to be sat pulling all the levers in the control tower of you!

One of the great masters, who I once had the honour of learning from, is Richard Bandler. I was reminded of his work this week as I was coaching a client who was struggling in her mind to move away from the past and towards a new future that she was defining for herself. When we set a goal and decide to make a change in our lives our conditioning and internal language is still set on the old default pattern that got us stuck in the first place.

I love using the metaphor of our neural highway being like a busy motorway or freeway. You can almost see the blur of taillights flowing past you at great speed. As my client spoke, her words made me realize that she was going into a behavioural loop; she was becoming anxious and started to become self-deprecating. She became once again, the person in her past rather than the person she now wanted to be. We explored her thinking and how it was making her feel. She was frustrated that she was still going down the old road and not catching herself in time.

She then described where she wanted to be with passion and enthusiasm.

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She decided that this was the last time she was going to take this route. Better relationships — next exit, new career coming — yards! I helped her create some strategies to back up and reframe the situation, and replace her negative language with positive using the power of her intention. My client reconfigured her brain with some new language patterns that serve her future and not her past.

This shifted her state of mind and made things different so she can keep an eye on where she wants to be. The past is what we know and we use it as a compass point, a frame of reference for comparison, whereas the future is unknown. Creating and following a new route takes time and sometimes a little extra support and direction. Some people spend years and loads of money in therapy trying to understand WHY the past happened. My philosophy is that learning and growing and healing is all about letting go and taking forward motion. Life is fluid and too short to keep using the past as your navigation tool for the future.

It sets you free to go into your future! Sometimes you need a little coaching support to get you started and change the language in your head. This opens you up to a world of infinite possibility. If you work in corporate, you might be waiting in the shadows hoping that your boss or someone else will notice you. I see it as your true purpose for being here! I think some of the challenges around knowing and leveraging our value is cultural. So instead, we learn to hide our light and keep our true value a secret locked inside. To be successful you have to own your value and brilliance and learn how to communicate it authentically to others.

The voice in our head warns us against promoting our value with others because we feel like we are selling ourselves! You are selling a solution, a different approach, an experience or your expertise and advice. You are providing benefit to others to help them move forward, make change or achieve a successful outcome.

People perceive the value of others directly from the benefits that they can receive from working with them. Think about someone you admire or perceive to have value. What difference have they made to you?

The Once and Future King

For example, they helped you to see something that helped you to be more successful in a situation. I know that over the years my clients have taught me my value, through feedback and gratitude. This helps you to see your value through the lens of others. This is a great gift from those who we serve. Know your strengths — What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Take time to get to really know yourself. Ask other people to share their observations of your strengths. Start to see yourself in the feedback and gratitude that people share with you.

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Own it! A great book to get you thinking about your strengths is StrengthFinder 2. You bring more than your credentials — Qualifications can sometimes be important in your work. You also bring a combination of your unique experience in the world. In other words, you bring everything you are to your work. She brings an abundance of experience, intuition, authenticity, passion, and results.

She lives what she teaches.

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This cannot be learned in a classroom. This is life experience!

Dr Jan Ingen Housz, MD, FRS

Share your strengths with others — Walk in your power and own your brilliance. Through using them you are helping others to be more successful. You are providing a valuable service by letting others know what you have to offer.

An episode of C-3 Church Indian Trail, NC

Set your thinking for success — You are what you think and your value and your pricing reflects this to the outside world. So others pay you a reflection of what you think of yourself. Your playing small could be limiting your beliefs and holding you back from promotion or diminishing your value and stopping you charging what you are worth.

People who admire you and a great coach can help you to see your value in yourself. I have value do you want some? Remember that you are providing solutions for others, giving them hope, so they can be more successful. Validate your gifts and stop playing small. Practice how you communicate this and your message will become stronger and clearer. You are doing a dis-service to others by not sharing what you can help them with. Appreciation , Beliefs , Confidence , Courage , Elaine Bailey , Faith , Going Deeper , Growth , Inner Critic , Leadership , Lizard Brain , Mindset , Self awareness , Uncategorized , Value knowing your strengths , own value , playing small , playing to your strengths , self marketing , self promotion , Set your mind for success , Share your brilliance , under valuing yourself , You are more than your credentials.

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